Life at Delhi University, Experience of a Mine in DU

life at Delhi university? How life at DU is? Is it better than my school? How is crowed at DU. Will I be able to make new friends there? I have never gone outside my city? Will I be able to survive at DU? Will I be able to study hard and make my dream true at DU? Are north-eastern and foreigners treated well here? I got low marks will I get admission in DU?

If you want to get answers to all these questions then you are definitely at write page, so stay tuned.

My Life at Delhi University

Delhi University

If you have watched movies like 3 idiots, Fukrey, 2 States, Student of the Year then you have wondered Kaash mera college bhi aaisa ho. Then I would say that Delhi University is better than your school. You will enjoy a lot there and will be having the best 3-4 years of your life. Some of your teachers will motivate you and encourage you “haa beta tum kar sakte ho and others would be like rahenae do beta tumse nhai hoga”. So do you want to be a part of a movie? Then I would suggest you be kind towards everyone and don’t hesitate to speak and be what you are then you will dashing boy in the college and people will feel connected to you.

There would be markets near your college where you can go, bunk your classes and enjoy snacks or do a party or shopping. A college for sure have a special place where all the students gather around and talk a lot.

Crowed at DU

Crowed at DU is wonderful. You will surely say Kya Baat hai. You would be able to meet people from every corner of the country and even from foreign. Students of different caste, colour, creed and gender destined for one place. You will get to know about the life of others. From these students only you will have wonderful friends who will be your helping hand, business partners or something special.

Fests at DU

Unlike your schools, fests seem to continue all the time in colleges, sometimes Fresher party, Departmental fest, Society Fest and College Fests. You will have great chances to visit other colleges and attend their parties for free of costs. Colleges invite different celebrities to perform in their campuses which enables you to see your dream Star LIVE free free free. Maja aagaya bhai.

Study at DU

As we all know that DU degree matters a lot. Placement rate of DU is also good. You will get wonderful chances to attend seminars of reputed people which will give you practical knowledge apart from books free of cost. Some of the colleges even provide a chance to do internships by collaborating with many big firms.

North-eastern and foreign students cell

DU is always motivating students of north-eastern states to pursue higher studies at their campus. They even provide some relaxation in percentage (up to 2%), to protect their human rights special cells are established in different colleges. Special fests are organised for these students to make others adopt and adapt to each other’s culture and lifestyle.

Cultural Societies

Every college has different societies which enable the students to learn a new skill and expand their knowledge in that particular fields like Music, Dance, Drama, Commerce, Legal, Political, Cultural, Debating, Art and Crafts and many more. So if you have prior experience in any of these skills then these societies will for sure develop your skill to the max level.

Limited Attendance Restrictions

This is not true for most of the colleges. While some colleges states rules for at least 75% attendance otherwise you will not be allowed to give exams. But in most of the colleges, it is not necessary to be calm and bunk your classes if you want and enjoy your college life.


So, guys, you got to know that Delhi University is the only university in the country which provides best quality education with affordable price and in this package some other items are also included like some best friend, special skill and a lot of experience.

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