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 Pacific Rim Sculptors | SPACE 151 | Levy Art + Architecture

Present an exhibition of 17 Bay Area artists whose work nudges the boundaries of what sculpture allows viewers to see and feel. Jack Fischer of Jack Fischer Gallery juried the show and selected twenty pieces that best provided "Room for Thought."  Here the "room" is the space embodied in each piece, either the actual, physical spaces and negative spaces within the sculptural forms, or the metaphorical spaces that the artworks allude to.  As a critical device space is less about the actual and more about the operational.   The question that is posed is how the sculptural object engages the viewer in a way that is different from other artistic mediums?  Within the realm of non- representational art, does sculpture have a unique potential to offer the viewer a unique place for contemplation?  Is sculpture, by definition, a more approachable art form that allows for more ready access and interpretation by the general public?  Please join us and spend some time with each selection to see what thoughts come to mind.  

Pacific Rim Sculptors is a membership-based organization which was created in 1988 by six California Bay Area sculptors. Since that time the organization has grown and is in a period of dynamic revival. We are the West Coast Chapter of the International Sculpture Center (, and we are applying for nonprofit status.

Our mission is to promote visual arts appreciation and skills by:

  • Providing collective opportunities and resources to our members and our communities.
  • Fostering the development of young artists, particularly in underserved locales.
  • Advancing artistic excellence, appreciation, and professionalism through educational events.


Opening Reception & Announcement of Best of Show 3:00-5:00 PM  |  Saturday, March 17

 International Sculpture Day Celebration Artists’ Talks & Closing Reception 4:00-6:00 PM  |  Saturday, April 28

Exhibition Dates:  March 17 - April 28, 2018

Levy Art + Architecture located at 151 Potrero Ave., SF. Visit 9AM - 5PM, Mon-Fri.

Call 415-641-7320 at the door. Other times by special arrangement.