Things To Be Keep In Mind While Joining A College

things to keep in mind while joining a college
things to keep in mind while joining a college

In this module,

I discussed about things to keep in mind while joining a college

you are going to learn some tips which will enhance your social skills in college.

I ensure that these tips will boost your confidence,

and will build a strong personality in comparison to other students in college.

Some Things to keep in mind while joining a college

Try to adapt to a new environment

A college is a place where you will find students with different thoughts and background. Some of them will be good at studies whereas others at the same time will be good at sports and some even at drama. People will not treat you like a king as you see in movies like ‘Student of the Year’. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction if you will initiate on the first day, on the next day they will themselves contact you. So, be calm and interact with as many students as possible in the initial days.


Know more people- (Say-Hey!!, Hi!!-anything)

Friends are the building blocks of social life so if you are an active or well versed in communication tool among people then you will get friends of your type. Even if you are not good at communicating with people- Saying Hi! They won’t kill you. During these 3 or 4   years, your friends will only make your survival possible in college!

Dress smartly

  • Most of the websites will suggest you wear clothes which are nicely fitted to your body and not to wear loose clothing and try to avoid wearing sports shoes these don’t look nice and much more. But I would suggest you to ‘Be Yourself’ and wear anything which you love and in which you love your self because at last people will only accept you when you accept your self.
  • Your first impression is your last impression- During the starting phase, try to make an impression among your teachers and students. You should not be hesitant in speaking your mind. Be it in any language- whether it’s in your regional language or Hindi or be it in English. But speak up! Because your personality will develop as you pass out these 3 or 4 years of college.



Don’t buy new books

I find many students committing this mistake in colleges, they buy new books which is not necessary. Senior students generally give their old books to junior when you request them.

You must only buy those books whose syllabus is currently changed otherwise prefer old books.


Be part of college Societies

You must be part of at least 1 society in college. Societies will improve a lot of your skills. These skills will for sure help you in any field you want to pursue. So try your best to be part of college societies which interests you the most. You will also get certificates along with skills which would be helpful to you in future i.e. placements and other activities.


It takes time to make best friends

At first, you will think that you have made friends but you will not. They will certainly leave you if they don’t like you in any sense or because of other reasons. So just not leave hope and try to make new friends and if you stuck up, then just don’t think about this matter and try to invest your time in something worthy. People will start approaching you themselves.


   Interact with your seniors

So the most important thing to keep in mind before joining a college is how to interact with seniors

At the initial time in your college, seniors will be your only friends. So, listen to them, they will provide you with their knowledge about different things held in your college and draw your conclusions as everything they tell is not right. You can ask the matter from your teachers.


Get to know your teachers outside class

This will help you. As you start interacting with your teachers (who interests you) first with subject problems and then with personal issues they will help you. This will also help in scoring well in that particular subject as well as in attendance.


Do enjoy college fests

It is really important in college that we enjoy.

So, a little knowledge (approx. 75% related to subjects) + lots of enjoyment = Great college life. Enjoy the fests and participate in the events as this will boost your confidence.


Travel with your friends

In big cities, there are various destination points where you can hang out and enjoy to the fullest. So come out of your daily boring schedule and travel.



If your sole purpose is to grab a high package placement then you must do at least 2 internships to grab a placement in your last year. An internship will provide you working environment as well as skill. For that, you can register yourself with your college placement cell who share your details about the latest internships. You can also take the help of your parents if they are working in any firm.


Be productive

Never waste your time, it never comes back either enjoy to fullest or invest to the fullest. There would be a lot of holidays and free time in college so invest that time in getting a new skill like learning a programming language, making websites, making YouTube channel, learning any musical instrument etc.


Get a nice PG or Flat

If you are not able to get a nice PG or Flat along with healthy food all the other mentioned points will be wasted. As it is said that “A Healthy Body Leads To Healthy Mind”.

So take help of your parents to find a nice flat or PG with affordable price.

Get to know about your college

Maybe you don’t get the best college so don’t feel depressed as you tried to score best in exams. Just search on google which alumni passed out of your college. You will get a lot of specialities from your college. May be your college’s Technological Society is best in the whole university or your college’s drama society is best in the whole country.  You will get to know something adorable



And at last Dosto!!!, I would say Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy Because this is only time where you can do anything carefree and also feel free to reach out to me through comments.

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